I tried writing prose and this happened instead. First poem of 2016.


“DOWN” – 1/4/2016

Thousands of hungry moments pushed through me by some god or some demon

Held breath, held hope, held chance, all hanging midair while I pray

DOWN – It’s over before consciousness realized it wasn’t needed

Again, faster, faster, faster, every task predetermined and strung together by ambition or insanity or arrogance or all of the above

Squeeze, hold, try again

There’s as much room for error as there is for getting back up again

DOWN – It’s your turn again, you don’t know why you’re here

Again, careful, careful, careful, every step means you’re still there and you’re still trying

Squeeze, stop, fall

Breathe, you’re still here, you’re still here, you’re still here

Thousands of  tight moments pushed through us by some devil or some angel

Caught breath, caught hope, caught chance, all crowning my feet while I rest

DOWN – It’s quiet now and the speed  is over and the noise lingers and my hearts sighs,



Cara Brennan


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