2019: Discipline Equals Freedom

2019 is off to a great start – I’ve started a new training block with my coach Andrew Triana of The Performance Vibe, focusing on building up my upper and pressing power.

I’ve completed the move of my training business to TrainStationNYC and Hype Gym, both top tier facilities smack dab in the middle of NYC. It doesn’t get much more convenient or well equipped than this, folks! Shoot me an email or DM on IG if you’re interested in training one on one or remotely.

I’ve kicked off some new creative projects, including a feature in Akira the Don‘s new music video for Discipline Equals Freedom! Check it out:

If you missed Asher: Volume I, here’s the trailer! The whole season is available on our YouTube channel.

We will be starting production on Volume II shortly, so stay tuned. In the meantime, subscribe to the Lonely Cow YouTube, follow the show on Instagram, and of course, tell everyone you know about it.

I’ve got some articles at BarBend.com in the pipeline, go ahead and check out my author page for articles you missed (how long does it actually take to get good?).

Quick recap of some 2018 highlights:

    • -Completed all five episodes of Asher: Volume I
    • -Got a kitten, his name is Murphy:
Murphy, when he was still smol
  • -Went to Portugal with Mark, and did and saw some amazing stuff. I also lifted some rocks on the beach because of course.
  • -Went to GenCon, which was insanely fun, and got to show Asher to lots of new people




I’m looking forward to what 2019 has in store. Likely: More Asher, more lifting, more writing, and more cat pics. There will be some longer blogs forth-coming here on my website, but in the meantime, I’ve written several mini-blogs on my IG (usually accompanied by whatever cool pic I could scrounge up). Hit me with comments: things you’d like to hear about (training, strongman, indie film, cats – the limit is your imagination!)  or want to know. Let’s do this, 2019.

Happy New Year!

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💥Be Critical of People Who Want You Afraid💥 I've half written like 3 mini blogs but havent finished any of them but I like this cleverly angled selfie, so here you go #HappyFriday. . Deload week and I'm starting to feel downright perky again. It's nice! Next week the ramp up to #officialstrongmangames2018 continues💣💥 . ☕So here are some random thoughts I cobbled together once my cold brew kicked in: 💥Be critical of messaging (from friends, media, advertising, leaders ETC) that encourages you to think poorly of yourself(not critically, poorly. Being self critical is often necessary, it's about appropriate dose), feel weak, or feel 💥SCARED💥. #Fear mongering is often used by manipulators to get something they want (abusive people will often manipulate their victims by convincing the victim that if they leave, they'll never be loved again). Sometimes, they may be right! But be critical. They also may trying to sell you something. For example, there are many charlatan bodyworkers (and hell, trainers) who create diagnoses which only their future, expensive treatments can "cure." Politicians who want afraid of an "other" to justify war mongering or unjust or stupid policie, etc. We all know what this looks like. But it's so easy to succumb to the fear trap. Be critical of someone who wants you to be afraid. What do they have to gain? . Fear can be a great personal compass, though. What ARE you afraid of, and why? Those things can inform and direct your greatest personal growth and accomplishments. 💣💥 . #fuckfearfriday #thatsathingnow #friyay #tgif #strongman #strongwoman #filmmaker #physicalculture #growthmindset #mentalhealthawareness #fuckdepression #antifragile #disciplineequalsfreedom

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