BodyTarot, Film Updates

I’ve launched my new consulting business, BodyTarot, which weaves my coaching and training experience into a creative problem solving lens to help athletes and movers of all sorts enrich their training, and their lives (you can read more about it here). I’m stoked about it, it allows me to connect with more people in a deeper way than just writing, and ties into my big pictures Whys.

Exorcists Vargas & Ashe square up against Evil

Be Not Afraid has been on a slight production hiatus as Jack and I have been working on pre-production for our feature. The footage looks incredible; we were incredibly blessed to work with some very skilled and talented people who brought their best efforts. I’m truly grateful and cannot wait to get the film out. If you want to support production, you can pick up some Be Not Afraid Merch, or join our Patreon.

I also wrote a new opinion piece for BarBend my fellow meatballs will enjoy, check it out.

I hope your end of the year is winding down peacefully, and that you are receiving all the love and support you need.

Strength & Joy,


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