I am a strength athlete who competes in the growing sport strongman, and have competed at the regional, national, and world level. I am a writer-actor who has performed both live and in film productions in New York City. I am a Certified Personal Trainer working in New York City.


Each of these areas of my professional life are deeply intertwined. Acting school indirectly led me to discover strength training, working as a trainer led me to strongman, and strongman has informed my artistic, spiritual, and professional lives profoundly. Who I am becoming as a result of these unique professional marriages is someone who wants to share the joy of being a body, of being an artist, and of being a human being.

On this blog, I share what it’s like to be a competitive athlete while also holding down a full time job, making time for my art and personal life, and learning how to contribute the most of myself to everything I do.  I question and analyze the challenges that many people face in trying to build their careers, change their personal lives, or become better versions of themselves. I am devoutly dedicated to the idea of self-discovery and self-betterment as a lifelong process, and I hope that by sharing my process, I can help others.

To reach me, email  Carapatriciabrennan @ gmail dot com, or Direct Message me on Instagram @CaptainStarbuck.


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