About Cara

I am a freelance filmmaker and writer who has produces genre narrative projects, like my web-series, ASHER. I am currently producing my first feature film with my company, Sunstrike Pictures. I am also a strength athlete who competes in the growing sport strongwoman, and have competed at the regional, national (2020 3rd Place in the 160 lbs category), and world level, while writing about the sport for BarBend.com.

By Andres Bohorquez

Each of these areas of my professional life are deeply intertwined. Acting school indirectly led me to discover strength training, working as a trainer led me to strongman, and strongman has informed my artistic, spiritual, and professional lives profoundly. Who I am becoming as a result of these unique professional webs is someone who wants to share the joy of being a body, of being an artist, and of being a human being.

To reach me, email  Carapatriciabrennan @ gmail dot com, or Direct Message me on Instagram @CaptainStarbuck.

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