My first Strongwoman competition was on April 12th, 2015. I had been working with my new coach, Chad Canter of Power NYC Training Services, for about a month, and I was utterly terrified.


Strongman/Strongwoman is a strength sport wherein competitors compete to see who can lift the heaviest, most awkward objects the most times, or who can lift the heaviest weight. Every competition is slightly different, though some classic events are the Yoke walk, farmer carry, circus dumbbell, and atlas stone load.


Chad was confident that I would handle myself well and that it was important I compete sooner rather than later, in order to mentally prepare myself the harder, larger competition I had registered for later that May. I performed well, and took 2nd place in the Women’s Novice division.  The rest, as they say, is history.



I’ve since competed in 17 strongwoman competitions at both the regional and national level, and am currently preparing for my 18th, coming up in November 2017. I continue to train with Chad, and his mentoring, as well as the many rich friendships I’ve developed through the sport, enable me to become the strongest, most courageous, and giving person I can be.

Training in Strongwoman has helped me change as a person, athlete, teacher, and artist, and as I continue to grow with this exciting and diverse sport, I hope to give back to it as much as it has given to me.