BodyTarot is a holistic exploration of the body’s needs through the timeless symbolic wisdom of the Tarot. I’ll guide you through a discussion and analysis of your training and physical life.  We will ask questions through the holistic lens of the body’s needs, together, we will:

– Identify training, rest, and lifestyle blocks and challenges

– Investigate obstacles and look for patterns and themes that help us create a big picture understanding

– Come up with creative and actionable strategies to help you deepen your routines, expand your self-mastery, and get more out of training (and life).

After our session, I will send you a write up summary of your card spread, with our main takeaways and strategies for you to reflect on and implement.

BodyTarot is for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned strength athlete who feels stuck in a rut, just beginning to explore your body through athletics, or recovering from an injury, we will explore together to discover strategies to love, empower, and nurture your amazing body.

The Body holds incredible wisdom. Our nervous systems, guts, and tissues hold deep knowledge about where we have been and where we are going, and are constantly trying to communicate to our intellectual mind. Tarot can help bridge disconnects between them. Our spiritual and physical journeys are inextricably intertwined, and feeling joyful, safe, and powerful in our bodies is our birthright.

Begin the booking process today using the form below or email CaraBodyTarot @ gmail dot com (Please allow 24 hours for a response during the week, and 48 hours if you contact me on a Friday).

Help me understand how best I can help you! Please tell me a little about your training and body history (as much or as little as you feel comfortable with), what you’d like to see for yourself and your body in the future, and a little bit about how you feel about your training or physical routine.

NYC In Person Session, $190 (location dependent);
Remote Session, $130.